Hellpoint The Thespian Feast

Hellpoint is an upcoming souls like game set in an abandoned space station filled with monsters and creatures.

The Thespian feast requires the player to grind and collect unique items in order to make progress. Customize your character with armor and find excavate weapons to ultimately defeat the bosses.

Head on to steam to download the newly released sequel chapter of the game Hellpoint which will give the taste of what’s in store for you in April.

In Thespian Feast prepare to explore the space station filled with monsters and boss fight which will make your time worth. This time around a new protagonist is introduced who will investigate the wrecked space station and takes place 50 years after the events of the original game Hellpoint.

Download Hellpoint The Thespian Feast on Steam for Free

Check out my Hellpoint The Thespian Feast Gameplay

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