HELLPOINT Game Dark Sci-Fi

HELLPOINT Preview Gameplay is an upcoming game inspired by dark souls. Hellpoint is developed by cradle games and published by tinybuild games It will be available in April on all platforms.

This is a dark sci-fi game set in space and you have to collect Axioms also knows as souls in order to progress in the game. Hellpoint features lots of new weapons and unique character customization.

The main protagonist is called Spawn, At the beginning of the game Spawn wakes from a crypto sleep in a space station filled with grotesque-looking creatures hunting for victims.

The combat is melee and range, certain enemies will surprise you with range attack hidden in a corner. Although my first playthrough and I managed to unveil the first boss. I find the game has a very steep learning curve but experienced souls players will find it easy.

Check out my Hellpoint Gameplay

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