LITTLE NIGHTMARES 2 – Everything We Know So Far (Gameplay/Story)

During the Gamescom 2019 event tarsier studios announced the highly anticipated horror game little nightmares 2. Little nightmares 2 is a dark, thrilling, suspense-adventure game and is confirmed to be available on all platforms and set to be released this year. This video will go through all the available information about the game and try to answer as many questions as we can.


Set in the world outside the maw where you play as mono and explore the city in search of the black tower. Mono is trapped in a world that has been distorted by the humming transmission of a distant tower. With the help of six, mono sets out to discover the darkest secrets of the pulsar and save six from her dreadful fate but to reach the signal tower they will have to face new enemies.

Prepare to fight new bosses and defend yourself with a ladle or simply outsmart them. Be mindful of the surroundings and approach stealth to escape the terrifying characters and sometimes the game will present choices like getting into combat or flee, as six and mono journey through this world together.

Discover a bizarre world corrupted by the signal tower and escape the city that’s rotten from the inside. Players journey will start from creepy woodlands to sinister schools, and eventually find the source of the evil that spreads through the tv screens of the world.

Six is consumed by darkness and her only hope is to guide the courageous boy to the dreadful tower. In this oppressive world, you are her only beacon of hope so save six from fading away and fend of tormentors to reveal the entity that controls the entire population.


Some gameplay was shown in the announcement trailer and we do see scenes of what little nightmares 2 gameplay looks like and it certainly looks amazing. So it’s safe to assume that the environment those weapons and characters we saw are all going to be available in the game. As said earlier little nightmares 2 is described as suspense adventure and it will have a heavy focus on solving puzzles with the help of six and while sneaking past the enemy territory being in stealth could help a lot. It’s not always helpful to go out guns blazing!

The relationship between the two children will play a significant role within the game’s story and unveil new gameplay mechanics as the kids must work together to traverse through the world. At certain points in the game, mono will also be able to wield a range of items picked up in the environment – a new element added to ln2 that brings more complexity to the game puzzles and moments with bosses.

Little nightmares 2 is a single-player game, you will not be able to play as six so with the paper bag on your head lead from the front and work together to solve puzzles and discover more about her personality.


In the opening scene of the trailer, we can see a mono washed up on the shore and the tv in the background. When mono is looking at the building we can see the paper bag on the ground. Well, many including me thought it was six but this evidence confirms that it is indeed mono at the start of the trailer.

The purpose of the bag is currently unknown.

Later on in the trailer six dons, her iconic yellow raincoat which means she found it in the city and the ending of very little nightmares reveals a similar raincoat floating when the kid escaped from the nest and found the raft to reach the city. So it’s safe to assume that the kid who survived and made it to the city was following this girl who is now believed to be dead in the events that took place in the mansion.

We can also see glimpses of more bosses. The first one is called the hunter he seems to work alone. With a rusty shotgun and a lantern, his motives are unknown. But he likes to make art of animals.

Second is the sadistic teacher with an unusual ability to detect troublemakers. What is more creepy about this teacher is that she can stretch her neck to find disobedient kids as seen in the cover art.

Her class is full of well-behaved children but in the recess time the kids get into a brawl and mono cracks open the skull of the porcelain student.

In this scene, we can see a group of citizens watching tv as if they are being controlled by the transmission of the signal tower.

This particular shot is very interesting you can see somebody is being treated in the hospital but that person is headless and appears to be a mannequin.


Let’s take a look at the environment in-game. Well, after watching the trailer I can say the environment is very creepy and creatively designed so expect what little nightmares is known for and that is the best horror experience you can get on your console or pc.

Players will get to explore the city and areas such as the forest, hunter’s shack, the beach where mono awakened, we can see a glimpse of mono and six running through the rooftops and within the city, there is a school, hospital, mannequin factory and what seems to be a mono’s hideout. You can see a picture of the signal tower in the background.

The creepy woodland is filled with various creatures, you can see some of the mutated animals that I found in the game files. Mono and six must survive the forest and defeat the hunter to progress. Mr. Dave Mervick Designer of Little Nightmares 2 said I think what you can know now is there’s a forest area – a little nightmares forest though, so it’s not got any Disney animals. And of course, the hunter is one of the nefarious people you encounter. And the school as well is not like any school I was at. This is not an ordinary school expect to encounter unfriendly staff and places which are yet to be discovered.


Little nightmares 2 is a suspense adventure focusing on co-op puzzle-solving and melee combat. It’s basically the next installment in the little nightmares universe and could be a sequel, the game looks promising and like its predecessor the upcoming horror game has left us with more questions than answers. I hope you enjoy this video so like and share also subscribe to my channel for more gaming content.

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