Infliction Extended Cut is a refurbished version of the original game Infliction with exciting new features. Thanks to the crew at Blowfish Studios who revamped the game and made it crisper. Infliction EC offers a lot of changes to the game and adds more depth to see new gameplay content like jumpscares, multiple endings, and new game plus mode which offers dynamic puzzle changes.

Investigate the house and solve the mystery behind a gruesome series of events while managing to survive with a demonic entity that constantly disrupts your way of finding the truth.

Explore the haunted house to reveal disturbing secrets in the messages, Carefully inspect objects placed around the house to unlock the hidden memories. In order to progress find clues and use items to make discoveries while doing everything possible to escape the dreaded spirit inhabiting the residence. Use your flashlight to gain momentarily advantage or hide under the table until the sector is clear.

Infliction extended cut is a narrative-based approach to the horror game with a stunning atmosphere to produce disturbing and unsettling first-person experience. Highly Recommended.


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