Curse of Annabelle Game Review

Curse of Annabelle is a paranormal horror game developed and published by Rocwise Entertainment. Curse of Annabelle provides a new take on the horror genre and it derives inspiration from real-world mythology.

This story revolves around Nathan as he uncovers a ghastly mystery that happened in the 10th century B.C. He faces ancient demonic entities who are way older than the earth itself.

Curse of Annabelle Game Story

curse of annabelle steam
Ramsey Mansion

A 9-year-old girl named Annabelle dies under mysterious circumstances, The haunted mansion is situated in Colorado and is notoriously famous for the horrific event that made headlines.

After the death of her younger sister Emily (Elder Sister) begins to envision Annabelle in her dreams and tries to communicate with the spirit of Annabelle to learn more about her tragic death.

Initially, Emily thinks that these dreams are caused because of the loss of a beloved family member and she began to analyze the lucid dreams as it becomes more extreme.

Emily tells her boyfriend about these weird dreams she is consistently having. Nathan doesn’t believe the stories at first. Later on, Nathan decides to investigate Emily and the mansion because it’s been a while since Emily contacted him. In the meanwhile, Emily is getting into dark arts and occult knowledge.

Nathan thinks that Emily is in grave danger and follows her in the house without knowing the presence of dark forces that awaits him.

Curse of Annabelle Gameplay

curse of annabelle gameplay
Curse of Annabelle Gameplay

Expect to experience the cursed Ramsey mansion and unveil the mystifying and deadly past to understand the secret behind the Ramsey ancestry.

In the inventory, you can use occult books to guide yourself in this unsafe journey.

curse of annabelle steam
Mystic Book

Summon demons by crafting their seals and face the malignant forces through occult rituals.

Prepare yourself to explore the haunted house to travel between different dimensions and find new routes.

Curse of Annabelle Game Review

Curse of Anabelle is a decent horror game available on Steam. Those who like the real world legends such as demons and spirits will enjoy the game.

In the beginning, the player goes through the opening cinematic cutscene of Nathan reaching the haunted mansion and you get to explore and investigate the creepy house and the objects scattered around.

curse of annabelle

I can say that Curse of Anabelle stands out by its lore. It looks like a generic horror story but the lore behind is much deeper. I recommend this game to those who like to uncover the deepest lore and doing a lot of reading to find out the backstory of the game.

VikanGaming Rating – Curse of Annabelle

Graphics: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Story: 5/10

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