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Little Nightmares is a horror game that has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are various hypotheses about occupants of the pale city, including a few dim mysteries. The game Little Nightmares is the place where Mono should escape from a strange figure called The Thin Man who catches youngsters and takes them to the Depths.

Little Nightmares Iceberg uncovers the profound significance of the hidden lore. The Iceberg is separated into levels beginning from the reasonable skies to the abyss, investigating the obscure you will learn new mysteries, The graph is altered by me for certain pictures I saw as on the web. It contains fan speculations, game lore, and the haziest insider facts of Pale City.


Nomes are skittish creatures scattered throughout the Maw. Due to their unpredictable behavior, Nomes rarely survive, and some attempt to befriend strangers. When Runaway kid discovered the Main Furnace after uniting all the Nomes in the Hideaway, he stumbled upon the heart of the Maw. The Nomes shadows emanating from the warm light appear to be of children. These are the same kids who were taken captive by the Maw officials.

Hunger was the working title changed to little nightmares, Due to conflicting search results and confusion with the Hunger Games movie. There was a third chef who appeared in the Hunger teaser. Eventually, they dropped him because it was not easy to survive three chefs. Hunger is a significant concept in the little nightmares universe. Six is often hungry and devours anything that stands in her way. Her starvation gave birth to Dark Six. The Lady is hungry for power and demands absolute control over the Maw. She is a self-proclaimed Governess of the island.

After collecting all the glitch remains, players can unlock a secret ending that deciphers Six’s Hunger. The betrayal that left a void in Six created a Monster. When Runaway kid found out the darkest secrets of the Maw, he went through Nomification and was later killed by Six.

The Newspaper found in little nightmares tells us about future events. This TV picture in the wilderness is about the opening of Little Nightmares 2 right after the hallway scene. The couch belongs to viewers, and the pig head guy is about the flesh walls, which we will discuss later in the iceberg. After the betrayal, Six ventures into the unknown, her destiny is to find the Maw. But what becomes of Mono?

Mono is Thinman, and during all the time, Younger Mono was searching for himself only to find out he is stuck forever in the time loop. The flesh-void monster created the transmission time loop for sinister reasons. It seems only Mono has to go through the cycle, and others are probably not affected. The flesh void created the grim Thin Man to keep residents in check. It keeps them engaged through the means of entertainment.

Yokai are supernatural beings in Japanese folklore. The human Yokai transformed into something horrific during an extreme emotional breakdown.

There are three Yokai in Little Nightmares

1 – The Lady is Kitsune (fox spirit)

Stories depict them as intelligent beings possessing magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom. According to Yōkai folklore, all foxes can shapeshift into men or women.

Most kitsune tales are about wild foxes punishing wicked priests, greedy merchants, and boastful drunkards.

Hence the Fox and Geisha mask is associated with the Lady. The guests are an essential part of the Maw cycle. Greedy merchants march their way into the Maw, they feast like there is no tomorrow, and then they leave one way or another.

2 – Teacher is Rokurokubi (apparition)

They look like normal human beings by day, but at night they gain the ability to stretch their necks to great lengths. Their wicked form is to scare people. One can only imagine what’s in store for the Students.

3 – Six is Tengu (heavenly dog)

The legendary creature is found in the Japanese folk religion and is also considered a Shinto god. The Tengu mask is associated with Six.

Their supernatural powers include:
Shapeshifting, Teleportation, and Deceit by any means. They like to invade dreams and take control of the host.

As the official bio reads, Six is not a normal child. In the Tale of the North Wind, Six takes the form of North Wind to attack the village and harass everyone. To secure themselves, residents create a charm that prevents the attack from North Wind. However, the charms did not work on one such occasion, and Ferryman’s intervention saved the day.

Tier 2

There are many unique characters in little nightmares comics, some of which are part of the game. The Comic Kids are presented as side characters with a back story. We will take a look at a couple.

The Doctor took crutches for experiments. She was a brave child and displayed enormous courage in a challenging situation, but fate was not kind. Her last location was the Hospital, so let’s see what happened.

The Doctor in charge of the Hospital did cruel experiments on kids. This picture shows Crutches is undergoing an operation. As we see in the comics, The bloody nose girl is trying to evade the Doctor and finds her way to this room. Suppose a player remembers to pick up the cheese and throw it in the hole. A strange noise activates. Some fans also suggested that the Janitor somehow knew about Crutches due to his liking for spoons.

Is she still alive? I don’t want to go down there and find out.

Mono, with his couple of friends, was trapped inside a house. The house caught on fire, and they saw a dark figure approaching them. Mono and his friends got abducted by Thin Man on a stormy night. Mono wears a mask because he could have suffered burns on his face during the fire incident.

The girl’s journey in the VLN is about exploring the Nest. Six follows the protagonist of VLN to survive. The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat soon meets her fate. Both fall in the ocean while Six finds a raft, as revealed in the end. Although Six described the Pale City to her friends during her stay at the Maw. The Butler shot down the fleeting Boeing 747, and the airplane wreckage can be found in the Nest. Six came from another continent. It’s suggested that the Butler used telekinesis to bring down the plane carrying Six, and after that incident, they restrained him and hid the key in the mountain.

Classic rock pose by Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. It is also a Tik-Tok trend where users mimic the various postures of Junko. Players can find the Junko Pose of the Granny in the Depths. Well, the Granny was undoubtedly ahead of the time.

Små grodorna is a traditional Swedish dance song. Players can find mention of the track at the end credits. Sma grodorna means little frogs, and the music also includes lyrics about frogs. The participants gather to dance and celebrate in midsummer. It seems the dev’s obsession with frogs reflects in their games such as The City of Metronome and Little Nightmares. I found the cute easter egg very interesting.

Have you ever wondered what Bullies or the Lady does in free time?

Well, The bullies like to play dart and board games. After all, They don’t always fight in recess. Some of their favorite games are Ludo and Chess. If the player checkmates the king bully, it unlocks the hidden key. The Governess of the Maw indulges in Sake; after all, a woman needs a bit of time alone. Her favorite drink is Rice Wine.

Bath House is a cut chapter in little nightmares. The art itself is pretty psychedelic in nature. Perhaps it was intended to be a chapter, but what’s more interesting is that, In Little Nightmares 2 artbook, you can see a picture of a doctor drowning someone in a bathhouse. It could be a reference to the cut content.

Tier 3

Ferryman is the character responsible for transporting children by boat and disposing of bodies on behalf of the Lady. The Depths is a waste disposal area for the Ferryman. Dead bodies were preserved in the boat.

The Old Man in the artbook is effortlessly staring at a hanging TV. This specific viewer was a part of the lore, so they gave him the Old Man’s name. Perhaps this could be the guy who was turned into a faceless viewer.

Wax Bellman is the stuff of legends. Enough Said!

The Granny is part of the taxidermy family in the Hunters house who enjoyed watching TV but didn’t make it to the final game. I guess two grannies in one game could be confusing.

The artbook reveals the Barber and his Salon. He got a peculiar style for clothing, and his look varies in several portraits. The Barber once made headlines for threatening a child with scissors.

As named in the game files, School Man is the principal, and The black tendrils gouged his eyes out and merged with the flesh void.

You punctuated someone’s day. Maybe they’ll notice!

Post Industrial is a trophy where players have to deliver a valuable package. The package could be related to the Guest Apartment in the city. Also, there are several piles of letters that are undelivered. I wonder if the notes for the Maw’s residents came from the city.

All is known and known by me.

The dunce cap bully is suffering for knowing beyond his limits. His drawing includes The Maw, Thin Man, and The Eye. He acquired knowledge about the entire plot of Little Nightmares, and others got punished for disobeying the teacher.

The dev’s included some great easter eggs from their previous games like the Statik Hand Device and Metronome.

The Lady once had children and made dolls in their memory. Death Magic is a necromantic ritual performed by the Lady, and it’s speculated that she killed her children in fire because they were deformed. The Lady conceived a perfect child, and the kid grew up in the Maw only to be eaten by leeches. Governess preserved her ashes in this Memorial.

The most elusive mask in little nightmares is the rarest one. Players would require a Switch console, Pac-Man Amiibo, and Little Nightmares game to unlock this mask. The cosmetic is only available for Nintendo Switch players.

Tier 4

It’s said that the mystery man in this TV show is the Craftsman. There are many TV shows to enjoy for Viewers: News, stand-up comedy, music, and more. The motive behind streaming shows is to hypnotize viewers and strike them in their vulnerability. The flesh void monster in the artbook absorbs viewers into TV, and the only thing that remains now is the flesh walls.

Twin Chefs promotes the propaganda food company based in the city. The product is made from mutated carcasses and sold in supermarkets. e.g., the giant rat found in the wilderness or the cage room in the town. This setup is for the people who are its prime consumers. The disturbing motive behind this organization is to prepare them for the inevitable.

Walking leeches are rare in the Maw (Comic Book). In one scene, Attracted by the music from the toy, a walking Leech gulps down a kid in front of everyone.

Just like other children, Six was captured by the Nest officials. When she found a way to cross the ocean, Six again managed to get caught and became a prisoner. But Six is destined to become great, and she cannot be stopped until everything falls in place. It was revealed in the secret ending of Little Nightmares 2 that Six would travel to the Maw and the betrayal gave rise to the Hunger. Six ultimately defeats the Lady and perhaps becomes the new owner of the Maw, or is she willing to leave everything behind and start a new life as we hear a ship approaching in the distance.

The camera pans towards the Maw poster when dark is revealed during the secret ending, suggesting Six’s next destination. The Maw poster is an advertisement campaign to lure its citizen to the floating resort. Players can find the signs in specific locations. We all know what happens to guests who are baited to visit the Maw.

Dark Six was the glitching remains of Six when she got abducted by the Thin Man. Dark Six appears in The Secret Ending and when Six is consuming meals. It grows after every kill, and Six is supposed to do nasty things to escape this place. During the final scene in Little Nightmares, Six devours the guests by absorbing their souls. The game files are named Dark Six, potentially hinting towards Six, and Dark Six has merged into one being.

Tier 5 was the old official website for the game. It was a go-to website for a little nightmares fans, as I remember reading its lore for hours and finding every news and article. Yeah, it had its charm. The original website no longer exists and redirects users to Bandai Namco. This one is my favorite, so I included it in the list.

In the chess puzzle room, players can discover the map of little nightmares world. It’s the entire map of the world and includes places such as The Nest, Forest, The Pale City, Rivers, and The Maw. In the promotional artwork of little nightmares, the globe is covered with eyes all over it. Suggesting the TV Eye enemy has taken control over every continent.

This alternate dinner scene shows how the taxidermy family died. The hunter shot the father while the family had dinner and taxidermy them to presume nothing had happened.

This is where things get murky. Homicide in little nightmares is not a new thing. Let us start with the beginning. Follow this blood trail to find out about a gruesome mysteries.

The room is filled with phantom kid’s apparitions. Devoid of life, they are doomed to wander. The room is shown in the concept art book, the ghostly apparition of the phantom kids when the notorious Thin Man captured them. These kids are prepared to merge with the ancient ones.

Hypno is the unreleased OST for the TV Eye Boss. The TV eye boss appears in the outer limits of Pale City, but it was removed due to gameplay reasons.

Nomes singing Six’s Main Theme. It comes across as the nomes were forced to perform this song, and you can feel the emotions in their voice. It is one of the rarest in the game’s unreleased tracks.

The Apartment is a cut chapter from the game. It’s a PT version of little nightmares, including Thin Man reveal and cutscenes. Mono has to relive the exact moment repeatedly until he finds the truth.

In an interview with, the developers stated that. There was also an idea to give her wings due to her bird-like face, but that idea was quickly scrapped.

Flesh Walls are made of humans and animals. As I said earlier, living beings are absorbed into the TV, becoming flesh walls. The artbook reveals a family of deformed giants, and their faces end up being the flesh wall that stands canceled.

Tier 7

Dave Mervick blog on

The abandoned tech demo in 2012 became little nightmares for PS4. Little Nightmares was first shown in 2012 with a tech demo called dollhouse. A cylindrical building as its focal point gave players the ability to pan, rotate, and zoom in to a bunch of individual, interconnected rooms and managed to feel both playful and downright creepy.


Little Nightmares takes place after world war two. If we look at technology, the TV sets used in the game were in operation in 1940 and likewise for the guillotine found in the lair. Moreover, The Maw was born on April 28, 1917, as stated on Little Nightmare’s official Twitter. The Governess of the Maw could be 120 years old, assuming she founded the Maw at age 20. The Maw arrives every year, Always at the same time, but never in the same place.

So the Lady herself witnessed the war and described the outside world as chaotic. She created the Maw and cast a hypnotic spell to keep it running. The Maw must survive. Another clue lies in the Shoe Monster room. This room is reminiscent of the concentration camps during the war, and the Pale city was bombarded with heavy weaponry.

And lastly, a nuclear bomb was detonated near the Maw, resulting in a nuclear fallout. There is snowstorm art of Mono dragging Six towards the tower. The smoke could have covered the Sun for months, and the impact could have initiated a nuclear winter. The Maw is believed to be near the Japanese coast. It is evident after seeing the yellowish atmosphere covered with thick fog outside the Maw. The nuke also invited a cosmic entity called the Fleshvoid Monster.

The Flesh void monster came from outer space, and it’s a cosmic entity named Yog-Sothoth. The Outer God possesses power such as control over Space and Time, Omnipresence, Reality Warping, and more.

Yog-Sothoth controlled citizen minds and absorbed their flesh to grow more and wreak havoc in the world with its abilities. It also created the Thin Man for all its dirty work, like abducting children from the city. Yog-Sothoth picked Mono among the other children because he was the chosen, and Mono means One. Yog-Sothoth is a fictional character created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Tier 8

Beyond the void remains the Great Old Ones or the Ancient One. Some of them are Azathoth and Cthulu. In little nightmares, each god represents a symbol, the symbol for the Transmission is Triangle, and the others could be related to Elder Gods.

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